Making an Impact with DATA


With our design and engineering services we help clients conceptualize use cases, analyze data, build end to end IOT solutions and provide production and deployment support. Using our readily available products for Industrial IOT with Digital twins, we offer revolutionary insights for the industry.

Digital Product Engineering

Our product engineering services include intensive Data-led research, analysis, design and development. We offer fully managed product development and lifecycle management services to help customers accelerate roadmap and get products to market faster.

  • Digital advisory and Design services
  • User experience design
  • Product Innovation and Design
  • Digital platform development
  • QA Services
  • Product deployment and support

We consult with clients and provide a roadmap for smooth transformation and management of your cloud infrastructure, helping you to scale your business securely.

  • Public and hybrid cloud architecture and development
  • Application migration and deployment
  • Cloud modernization and transformation
  • Cloud managed services
AI/ML Services

We partner with you to build and iteratively improve ML models in Python/R using advanced ML algorithms and techniques. Our team of data scientists work with customers in use case identification, development and optimization of their business processes by deploying AI/ ML solutions.

  • Hypothesis development and rapid prototyping
  • ML Model development and training

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